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film/video production


During the 2019 Season, Kent Allen of Windsor House Entertainment was hired as Director of Multimedia for the National Arena League football team, The Carolina Cobras.  His team helped guide The Cobras in creating a professional and marketable team brand that reflected their 2018 National Arena League Champion status.


Windsor House also was in-charge of building relationships with all media outlets (newspapers, online publications, magazines, news stations, etc.) Many of his other pre-season and 'during regular season' duties involved Documenting, Filming, and Editing Community events involving players, coaching staff personnel, and local charities and events within the community. 

Once the season began, Windsor House would be in charge of filming and editing all home games and traveling to various states across the U.S. filming and editing highlights of their away games which would later be used in their social media campaigns, websites and attracting potential sponsorships. While Windsor House wasn't involved when creating their team website, they were in charge of keeping it maintained with an updated player roster and press articles.

Not only was Windsor House in-charge of the video and editing portion of its department, but it would also prepare and design all Game-day Programs, Comp Cards, Presentation Folders, Pocket Schedules to be used as a tool for landing sponsorships & selling tickets.  Much of the graphic design done to promote the team in terms of Game and Ticket Specials have been used and showcased on city buses, billboards, and apparel. Motion Graphics played a huge part when designing for the arena's Jumbotron and LED Ribbon-boards.  Showcasing sponsorship logos, sponsorship commercials, and game intros was a critical and high priority on game day.  It was an incredible experience and we thank The Carolina Cobras for the wonderful opportunity.  Go Cobras!!

Cobras 2022-Commercial Spot
Cobras Hype Video-2022
Cobras Practice-2022
Cobras-CoachRes 2020
Cobras-Tickets Promo
Cobras-On The Field
Cobras-2019 Training Camp
Cobras 2019- Pickup Party
Cobras-30 Second Spot
Venom-Eboni Reid Tribute
Military-Coach Res Tribute
Cobras-The Heart Of A Champion
Cobras-History Lesson
Cobras-Military Intro
CarolinaCobras- HypeVideo 2019
Cobras-Jumbo Tron Intro
Cobras-Playoff JumboTron Intro
Cobras-Championship Promo 2019
Cobra-Rita-Ville 2019
Cobras-2019 Tryouts Promo


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