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Kent Allen of Allen Films Media Group (AFMG) and Windsor House Entertainment is a 2003 graduate of The Art Institute of Charlotte, receiving a degree in multimedia/web design. In mid-2018, he joined forces with Artistic Connection to create Windsor House Entertainment, a full turn-key production company.

During his tenure at The Art Institute, he interned for Bill Barns Film & Video and Paradox Films & Design, fulfilling duties that included working as crew and assembly editing on linear and non-linear platforms for FOX’s The Best Damn Sports Show and a commercial piece featuring Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Allen received his first major award in 2003 when a film he wrote, produced, edited, and directed received “Best Horror Short” at the New York International Film & Video Festival. Through AFMG, Allen was hired by New Daydream Films (NDF) of Charlotte, North Carolina as a cinematographer and editor for a horror film production.

Continuing his relationship with NDF, Allen worked on the TV pilot for New Water and the series Home, serving as co-director, cinematographer, producer and editor on both. He continued to work on an array of projects for NDF, leading to a position as one of the company’s primary content creators. Through AFMG, he also managed the company’s promotional materials, website, and post-production services.

Early in 2010, Allen took a position with Halogen TV as cinematographer and editor for their original, Emmy-nominated series, Tainted Love. The nationally-aired show went on to win the Silver Telly Award for “Best Original Series” in 2012 and was seen in over 80 million homes across America. Allen continued work on Tainted Love in the second season. When Halogen launched a new show, Slave Hunter (filmed in Mumbai, India in 2012), Allen signed on as cinematographer. In addition to his other work, Allen was selected as a judge for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ 2012 Emmy Awards.

While working on various television series, Allen also wrote, produced, directed, and edited Angel of Hope; the short charity film helped raise money for childhood cancer research. Recently, he worked as a producer on 2014’s Discover Zac Ryan, which won “Best Feature” at the Life Fest Film Festival in Los Angeles. Allen’s work has been broadcast internationally and released in major retail stores across the United States, including Walmart, Christian Life Way, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and various other VOD platforms.

He is currently working on P27, a screenplay he co-wrote and will be co-directing and editing.
Production is slated to begin late 2023.

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